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Charger Master for iphone 12 apps

Tag: Charger Master
Overview :

Charging assistant is an application that detects the charging power of iPhone and iPad by calculation. Just plug in the power, turn on the charging assistant, and wait a few minutes to get the charging power data. In addition, it supports fast charging, charging command and low charging command through advanced animation.

1. Detect the charging power of the current device.
2. Charge animations , charge sound.
3. View the charging time, capacity, speed and other parameters of your charger.
4. View the current device's adapter charger, PD fast charging power, wireless charging power and other parameters.
5. Record detailed test results, and can set test charger to facilitate retrospective.
6. Support to add custom charger model, power, brand and interface.
7. Battery life calculator can estimate battery life based on capacity and power consumption.
8. The charging calculator can estimate the time required to fully charge the battery.
9. Battery capacity conversion can quickly convert watt-hours and milliamp-hours.
10. Battery maintenance tips can help you better extend battery life.



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