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Overview :

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Expand your view and see what's happening all around the world! New York, London, Paris, or Shanghai: Establish a rapport with other people who might be peering at Spots around you. Already there? Zoom into the local neighborhoods. Find out where people are eating, drinking, and spending their time or find out what other Spots the locals are interested in.

Bored on your daily hohum train commute? Leave a Spot behind and chat with others along your route!

ReSpotter displays summarized spots from Flickr, Picasa, and Panoramio. You can start your view of the entire world or zoom in to see Spots at individual streets and landmarks. You can do this without the massive clutter of dots that litter every other map app.
What's new
* iPod Touch support
* Fixes major posting bug
* Improved transfer status messages
* Japanese Localization


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