• How to Remove the Apple Watch App

    Apple released its iOS 8.2 update March 5th 2015. Upon several improvements to the software,a new bloatware style app was added for the upcoming release of the Apple Watch. Of course Im talking about the Apple Watch App. Though useful for some folks who h..

    2016-02-21 14:04:55 Published

  • How to get your location code for winterboard weather widget

    Most of winterboard weather widgets use the weather.yahoo.com api to show weather. Some widgets use zip code (such as 2459115 ) Some widgets use weather location code (such as USNY0996 ) To get zip code, you simply follow these steps: 1. Visit Yahoo! ..

    2016-01-18 14:17:58 Published

  • How to use iPhone Wallpapers

    Here are the easy steps you can take to make use of our cool wallpapers on your iPhone. The first step is to save the desired wallpaper to your Mac or PC via your favorite browser. 1.Right-click or control-click on the image you want to use. 2.Select Save..

    2011-03-09 00:48:12 Published

  • How to Activate an iPhone

    In order to being using your iPhone, you have to activate it using iTunes. This is a step-by-step guide to everything you need to know about iPhone activation to get you started using it right away! NOTE: This how-to applies only to the first-generation i..

    2010-04-06 15:31:13 Published

  • Create an iTunes Account

    To buy songs or movies at iTunes Store, or to set up and use your iPhone, you'll need to create an iTunes account. To set one up, open iTunes and choose the iTunes Store option in the left-most menu. This will take you to the iTunes Store. At the top righ..

    2010-04-06 15:23:20 Published

  • iPhone 3.1.2 Windows Jailbreak Blackra1n Released

    GeoHot has released RC3 of BlackRa1n jailbreak for iPhone. So, In this guide you will learn how to jailbreak iPhone and iPod Touch on OS 3.1.2 using BlackRa1n for Windows. NOTE BlackRa1n jailbreaks all iPhones and iPod Touch models BlackRa1n jailbreak wil..

    2010-04-06 15:21:14 Published

  • Add our Cydia in your iPhone

    Hi everybody, I wanna told you guys a great way to have our newest themes with your iPhone. Add our Cydia in your iPhone. Open your Cydia.choose Sources You will see the site url what you add here...

    2010-04-06 15:18:53 Published

  • 4 Easy Steps to Download & Install Themes on your iPhone

    For installing themes, your iPhone must be jailbroken.. If it is then continue reading 1. Download WinterBoard from Cydia (If you already have winterboard installed then skip to step 3) 2. *** RESTART YOUR PHONE *** In order for WinterBoard to work correc..

    2010-04-06 15:16:32 Published

  • How to change iphone wallpaper

    This is an old and the new IP-IP Comparison Chart, perhaps only a Comparison of the back, but they can clearly see the contrast of the original photos have been feeling pretty good. 。 While we can not speculate what the specific differences, in th..

    2008-10-21 17:50:15 Published

  • How to install iphone application

    If you wanted to install third-party native software in your iPhone but you didn't had the necessary technical knowledge or courage, the newly updated iPhone Installer.app will make it so easy that it will be very hard to resist. We have tried it in..

    2008-10-21 17:49:46 Published

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