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Overview :

ABC For Me lets you create alphabet, number and other picture books for you and your family.

Children love to look at pictures of their family, pets, toys and especially themselves! After all, 'D' isn't for dog, 'D' is for 'Daddy' and 'G' is for 'Grandma'.

By using familiar pictures your little one will more easily identify the picture and associate the letter sounds. Plus, it is more fun and entertaining.

This application lets you easily use your own photos and captions and has an easy to use interface for little fingers.

note: be sure to supervise your child(ren) while they use your precious iPhone/iPod Touch.

3 sample books are provided (ABC, 123 and a travel album) for you to customize. You can create new books, change the photos and captions on pages and pick from 6 different backgrounds.

Older children will enjoy helping you find things that start with each letter for you to capture.

Use the iPhone camera to take snapshots for your book or pick them from your photo library with ease.

This extremely flexible application lets you be the author: ABC of food, 123 using street signs, photo books for travel or family albums. Great for simple scrapbooking too!

Tip: To save pages (to email to grandparents or transfer to your PC for printing) you can hold the power button and press the home button. This will make a camera click noise and add a copy of the page to your Camera Roll. (note: this works in all iPhone applications)

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