MyerSplash – one of the best good-looking wallpaper app

MyerSplash is a free cross-platform Unsplash wallpaper application for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android, where you can browse free, copyright-free pictures from Unsplash and set them as wallpapers.

Browse Unsplash’s wallpapers in a smooth way, and then simply click to download and view the photographer’s homepage;
Optimized the layout for iPad, so you can browse pictures comfortably on the big screen;
The developer, as a photographer, will choose some excellent wallpapers from Unsplash and his own photography every day, and push them to you every day;
The built-in download management can help you find the downloaded wallpapers so that they can be saved to the local again;
Built-in picture editing function: When you find that your favorite picture is too bright and not suitable for wallpaper, you can choose to use this tool to darken the picture, and then save it to the gallery again;
Built-in a wealth of search hot words, convenient for you to quickly search for the content you want;
Support night mode, support flow control
You can press and hold the picture on the desktop to use 3D Touch or Haptic Touch to quickly access the search and download list
Support directly set as wallpaper under macOS


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