iOS 15.1 lets you turn off Apple TV keyboard notifications on iPhone again

When Apple launched iOS 15 to iPhone users in September, some realized that a small but handy feature was missing from the initial release.

For a while, users have had the option to get a notification to use their iPhone’s keyboard when needing to type something on their Apple TV or Apple Watch. They have also had the option to disable this feature.

The option to disable the notifications, however, has been missing since iOS 15 rolled out to users. In the latest developer and public beta of iOS 15.1, as reported by 9to5Mac, Apple is bringing the option back.

iOS 15.1 is currently in beta testing with developers and public beta users, and as it turns out, this update restores the ability to disable Apple TV and Apple Watch Keyboard notifications…

As iOS 15 users quickly pointed out last month, the Apple TV Keyboard notifications can particularly get unruly if you have multiple Apple TVs in the house, and especially if they are being used by kids.

In the latest iOS 15.1 beta, Apple has restored the settings allowing you to turn off Apple TV Keyboard and Apple Watch Keyboard notifications. To find these toggles, open the Settings app on your iPhone, choose “Notifications,” then look for the “Apple TV Keyboard” and “Apple Watch Keyboard” options.

While using your iPhone to type rather than the screen on the Apple Watch or Siri Remote for the Apple TV may seem like an easy call, some users with multiple Apple TVs could get bogged on in notifications. The Apple Watch Series 7 is also the first to bring a full-size keyboard to its screen (from Apple).

It’s currently unclear when iOS 15.1 will release to the public. Today, the company rolled out iOS 15.0.2 with bug and security fixes.

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