How to Remove the Apple Watch App

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How to Remove the Apple Watch App

Apple released its iOS 8.2 update March 5th 2015. Upon several improvements to the software,a new bloatware style app was added for the upcoming release of the Apple Watch. Of course I’m talking about the Apple Watch App. Though useful for some folks who have the Apple Watch, the other 90% see it as a forced annoyance. With no way of officially deleting it and no settings to hide it, we are forced to either throw it in a folder with the other bloatware apps or come up with alternative methods of “removing” it.
*NOTE* This method does not permanently remove the Apple Watch App, rather hides the app icon from the home screen until the next time you restart your phone.
Step 1:
Grab a bunch of apps and fill up the first page of your home screen.

Step 2:
Put the Apple Watch app on the second page.

Step 3:
A) Hold and Drag the Apple Watch App back to the first page of your home screen and put it in a folder with an app of your choosing, let go of the Watch app in the folder, BUT do not exit the folder!
B) Instead, re-grab the app and Drag it down towards your dock, The folder will zoom out as you hover the app over the dock, let go and it should remove the apple watch app…. LIKE MAGIC!


As mentioned above this is only a temporary fix to remove the apple watch app, but if you’re a freak like me and never let your phone die causing the restart, then its a pretty good solution for the time being. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment.

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